terça-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2008

Mitologia & Natureza

Gigantes nuvens
natureza forte em Gaia
cavalgam Titãs

(Giants clouds/Gaia strong nature/Titans ride)

Gigantescas nubes
fuerte naturaleza en Gaia
cabalgan los Titanes

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Ver@cidade disse...

Losp definiu esta foto como:IRON-CURTAIN" SUNSET on 23-08-2008. Fantasize seeing the
2 cruel eyes of The Beast at the top quadrant of the dark side & LOL !
Meu comentário:
What you see should be one of the Titans, son of Gaia and Uranus, Losp!
Uranus did not like the children, when he was born, sent back into the uterus, to the bottom of the Earth Mother, where rot by the absence of light, activity and freedom. Finally one of them, Cronos, was secretly removed from the womb of Mother Gaia and Uranus when the Father fell to cover Gaia, the angry and rebellious son titanic castrou (castrare lat) it. Once freed their brothers and sisters, and with it launched the era of Titans.
Very good record of the scene, Losp!

ana dundes disse...

Forte isso, Vera! Forte!
Gosto desse seu namoro com a fotografia.
Sua vida grita poesia.